Pet Hospice

Small Animal Hospice

Many pet owners have been faced with difficult decisions regarding end of life care for their pets. As your dog or cat ages, they may develop conditions such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, or cancer. Although these conditions can be treated with appropriate medical care, there are times when the patient is no longer comfortable, requiring additional care.

Hospice Care for Your Pet

Hospice is a program of care focused on keeping your dog or cat as comfortable as possible. With hospice care, your pet will spend the last days of his or her life in peaceful, familiar surroundings. You and your pet will be able to make the best of the precious time you have together.

At Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital, our highly-trained staff will assess your pet’s health needs and discuss the options with you and your family. Together, we will determine how to help you keep your pet comfortable during the entire process.