Cat Veterinary Care in Connecticut and West Massachusetts

Senior Cat Care

At Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital, we believe that proactive care for your senior cat is essential.  Proactive care includes regular, annual wellness exams throughout his/her life. Senior wellness exams are recommended semi-annually for aging cats because they help our veterinarians detect, and treat any medical conditions before they progress into serious problems.

Cats age faster than humans and as your cat ages, natural changes occur.   Any noticed changes in your cat’s health, behavior or appearance should be discussed with us, including:

  • Altered sleep patterns
  • Suspicion of vision changes
  • Your cat has weight loss or weight gain
  • Your cat is less active, more sedentary, has weakness or difficulty moving about, less likely to climb or jump
  • Change in your cat’s bowel function—constipation or diarrhea
  • You notice a change in your cat’s energy level, awareness and/or family interaction
  • Unexplained change in behavior
  • Your cat seeks out warm spots and is sleeping longer
  • Increase in temperature, pulse or breathing rate
  • New lumps and bumps appear on your cat
  • You notice occasional cough or periods of rapid or difficult breathing
  • You believe your cat’s hearing has changed
  • Increased water consumption, urination or accidents in the house
  • Your cat has bad breath

Discussing these health changes with us will help us design an individualized senior wellness care plan for your cat.