chicken Care in Connecticut and West Massachusetts

Chicken and Duck Veterinary Care in Granby CT

Chickens and ducks are lovely companions that can be a great addition to your family when properly cared for. Due to their high intelligence, they require continuous mental and physical stimulation in order to prevent behavioral and medical issues.

When you bring your chicken or duck in for a wellness exam we will discuss all of their dietary, housing, exercise and grooming needs with you so that you can make sure your pet has the highest quality of life. Since these birds can also develop behavioral issues we will also be available to discuss issues such as screaming, chewing/destructive behavior, and biting.

Showing any of these symptoms please call us immediately:

  • Feather picking or skin mutilation
  • Decreased activity
  • Changes in food or water intake
  • Changes in stool appearance
  • Any sign of blood on the bird or in its enclosure
  • Fluffed up appearance
  • Sitting on the cage floor
  • Tail-bobbing
  • Wing droop
  • Changes in breathing