puppy Veterinary Care in Connecticut and West Massachusetts

Puppy Care

Congratulations on your new puppy! All of us at Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital are looking forward to welcoming your new addition into our family.

Give your new furever friend the best start possible by scheduling a wellness exam shortly after you bring your puppy home.

Your puppy’s initial wellness exam includes a thorough “nose-to-tail” physical evaluation, providing important information about your puppy’s health, and important discussions regarding the proper dental, nutrition, and exercise regimen to ensure you raise a happy, healthy puppy. It is also a great opportunity for us at Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital to establish a relationship with you and your new puppy.

Your puppy’s first wellness exam includes the following:

  • An extensive physical examination, diagnostic testing for internal parasites; heartworm and parasite prevention
  • Vaccinations your puppy needs to begin his or her healthy, long life.
  • We recommend microchipping your puppy during this visit.
  • A general discussion about your new puppy’s breed, age, known past medical history, home environment, nutritional needs, behaviors, and activity level.
  • The time to address all of your questions and/or concerns about puppy and puppy care in general.

Please bring a fresh fecal sample and any prior health records you received when you brought your puppy home, such as the history of vaccines, deworming, illnesses, etc.

Call us today to schedule your puppy’s wellness exam.