Dr. Weber at Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital

Small Ruminant Health Care

On-Site Veterinary Care

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital has 3 fully-equipped trucks to provide on-site veterinary care for your small ruminants — goats, sheep, alpacas, ect. Our team strives to provide the very best care to small ruminants including wellness care, reproductive health care, and on-site surgery. Included in our wellness care are vaccines and parasite programs tailored to your herd’s specific needs.

Herd Health

Ruminant health care includes:

  • Wellness care and vaccines tailored to your herd.
  • Deworming and parasite prevention.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • General veterinary care for common diseases and conditions.
  • Diagnostic testing and laboratory.
  • Testing for Brucellosis, tuberculosis, caprine arthritis encephalitis, Johne’s disease
  • Herd management consulting.
  • Reproductive services
  • Surgery

Reproductive Care

Small ruminant reproductive services include diagnostic testing and:

  • Brucella vaccination
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Labor, delivery (c-sections), neonatal care
  • Reproductive surgery


In the event your ruminant needs surgery or surgical consultation, we have the expertise and equipment to provide surgical care. Surgical decisions are always made with the goal of maximizing patient outcome. Ruminant surgical services include:

  • Reproductive surgery
  • Emergency surgery
  • Fracture and lameness repair

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital provides these bovine health certificates and would be pleased to prepare one for you after examining your bovine(s). Please call us today to schedule your appointment.