COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Last updated on 6/15/2020

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during these difficult times.  Our curbside service seems to be working well but there is room for improvement.  To make it easier for you to call our receptionists when you arrive, we would like to free up the phone lines by having clients email us for prescription refills.  This will also give us a written record of your request.  Please send all prescription requests to or fill out the form online.  Include your name, pet name, medication, strength, dose, quantity, and a contact phone number.  Please email us your request 24 hours before you need to pick it up. 

If you have medical history or any other pertinent information for your visit, please email that to us as well. You can find new client and boarding forms to download on our website.

Due to the backlog of vaccinations, we are currently booking appointments out to four weeks for routine care.  We always save time for urgent medical cases.  Grooming appointments are booking out to six weeks.  Please take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment. Our boarding facility is now open for daycare and overnight stays.

Thank you for choosing Salmon Brook to provide veterinary care for your pets.  While we try to provide the best care and service possible, any suggestions that would help us improve would be appreciated.