Equine Pre Purchased Exams

Equine Lameness Exams

Horses are athletes and can suffer physical injuries.  Undiagnosed minor problems can progress to more serious issues, especially in the performance horse.

Our veterinarians have expertise in sport horse medicine and strive to help each animal reach their maximum performance potential. To formulate a comprehensive diagnosis, a complete assessment is performed and may include:

  • A full medical exam with accurate history
  • A dynamic exam watching the horse in motion
  • Diagnostic analgesia
  • Imaging (radiography and/or ultrasonography)

After a diagnosis is reached, we formulate an appropriate treatment plan. This may include intra-articular medications, anti-inflammatory therapy, complimentary medicine and a structured rehabilitation program with periodic progress exams to monitor improvement.  We work closely with many specialty hospitals on the east coast for cases that require advanced imaging or a surgical intervention.