Equine Pre Purchased Exams

Diagnostic Imaging

With recent advances in technology, our ability to image our equine partners has grown tremendously.  Our upgraded portable digital systems allow us to rapidly and accurately diagnose a variety of conditions.


Our two digital, radiograph units allow us to acquire detailed skeletal images quickly and safely utilizing cordless technology.  The radiographs are evaluated immediately with you and again on our high definition server in the clinic; we have the ability to forward the images on to a variety of specialists if a second opinion is desired.


Ultrasound technology allows detailed visualization of tendon and ligament injuries as well as a variety of internal organs.  Our two digital, mobile ultrasound units allow us to make prompt, on-farm diagnoses.  Commonly, we use ultrasonography to diagnose and monitor musculoskeletal injuries, as well evaluate internal organ structure. 


Almost 60% of performance horses have gastric ulcers and approximately 50% of those horses show no specific outward signs.  Clinical indications of equine gastric ulcer syndrome can vary; from a mild change in attitude, to weight loss or even colic.  By evaluating the stomach lining with our portable gastroscope, we can confirm a clinical diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.  Most ulcers respond favourably to treatment and follow up gastroscopic examinations can monitor this progress.