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Welcome to our NEWS section!

Houston SPCA Needs Donations

Salmon Brook has made a donation to the Houston SPCA, which will help in the rescue and care for thousands of animals left homeless during hurricane Harvey. If you wish to donate, their website is www.houstonspca.org....

Microchip Special

Did you know that 1 in 6 pets go missing during their lifetime? A microchip can help your lost dog or cat return home safely and quickly.
A Home Again microchip is your pet’s personal ID. The microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, goes beneath your pet’s skin. This permanent ID can never be removed or become impossible to read. Home Again uses this ID to contact you and reunite you with your pet.
Give your pet a better chance of being found. Schedule your pet to be mi....

Clinical Study

Did you know your cat could help improve the health of cats around the world?

Our practice is participating in an international clinical study of an investigational medication for cats with chronic kindey disease (CKD), and your cat may be eligible to participate. Over 500 cats around the world are being sought to evaluate an investigational medication that may delay the progression of CKD.

We are currently enrolling cats in this important global study.

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital

Equine Microchipping

Our equine microchips are in! With the new competition rules coming into place this year (see below), now is the perfect time to ensure your horse is microchipped. For our non-competition horses, microchips are a great way to ensure your horse is properly identified. Call and schedule today and receive 10% off through the month of February!
(Payment is required at time of service. $48.60 with discount plus road call.)

Phase 1 – Microchipping Required for Points – B....

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital

Welcome Dr. Sam Marquis McNamara!!

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Sam Marquis McNamara to Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital family! Dr. McNamara enjoys caring for all small animals and finds small animal surgery particularly rewarding. Her expertise in birds and exotic pets will allow SBVH to offer medical and surgical care for these animals for the first time. We are excited to work with these fascinating creatures. Dr. McNamara graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island in 201....

Rising temperatures and horses

With summer upon us, many questions arise regarding our equine partners and how best to deal with the rising temperatures. Simple adjustments suck as choosing cooler turnout times, good airflow and providing plenty of fresh cool water can alleviate heat stress. In our geriatric horses that may not shed as well, a body clip does wonders! And don’t forget your UV protective fly mask and/or nose net for our fair-skinned friends. Check out the link below for more tips!


Breaking News: Blue Buffalo Food Recall

Blue Buffalo of Connecticut has announced a voluntary recall of one lot of its Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe, which may be contaminated by high moisture levels, resulting in mold.

While no cases have been reported, the ingestion of mold (Mycotoxicosis) can affect the digestive and nervous systems, and, in its worst cases, result in death.

Bag size: 30lb

Lot code: AH 2A 12:08-14:00

UPC: 8596100032


Understanding The Canine Influenza Virus

Recently, weve been receiving questions from some of our pet owners about the new strain of canine influenza. They were concerned about stories they had seen or read in the news about dog flu outbreaks. In answering their questions, we realized that all of our dog owners may have similar questions and concerns. So, were writing to tell you about canine influenza, what puts dogs at risk and what can be done to protect them.

Canine influenza is a relatively new disease and can be....

Heat Stress and Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs – A Dangerous Situation

Heat Stress and Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs – A Dangerous Situation

In hot weather, be especially watchful of all dogs for signs of heat stress. Normally a dog sheds heat by panting, not by sweating, and in hot weather, it is possible for a dog to dangerously overheat.

The signs of overheating are increased panting, labored breathing, “honking” panting, sometimes salivation, weakness, and collapse. If you think a dog is having trouble breathing and might be ov....

A Calm Pet Is A Happy Patient

Start your pet’s next visit to the veterinarian
on the right foot with a fun,
stress-free trip from home to the hospital.
A pet that arrives in the exam room happy
and relaxed is the perfect patient.
An accurate physical exam is the most
important part of the visit and is easily
done on a co-operative patient. Even
tasks like nail trimming and vaccinations
are less uncomfortable for a relaxed pet.
Cats are home-bodies and ca....

Update to Canine Respiratory Outbreak

New information has come in regarding the upper respiratory outbreak at a Windsor kennel. Two dogs tested positive for Canine Pneumo virus and Streptococcus equi. One dog tested positive for Bordetella.

Canine Pneumo virus can be spread by direct contact and by aerosolized routes. Strep. equi requires direct contact. All patients are responding to antibiotic therapy. Currently there is no vaccine for Canine Pneumo virus or for Strep. equi in dogs. Vaccinations exist for Bord....

Canine Respiratory Outbreak April 28, 2016

The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association reported today that there is a respiratory outbreak affecting dogs in a kennel in Windsor Ct. Dogs are showing signs of fever, lethargy and pneumonia. One dog has died. Tests for Canine Influenza Virus are negative but further tests are pending.
To protect your dogs minimize their contact with other dogs. If you must board your dog, then contact your kennel regarding the kennels health status. If your dog shows any signs of respiratory d....

National Kids and Pets Day

Today is National Kids and Pets Day! This is a day to celebrate the bond between children and their pets, but it is also a day to remind ourselves and our children about safe play and practices with their pets. Every year many children are harmed by family pets and in many of the cases, the injury could have been avoided. Parents with elementary school age, and younger children must be extra diligent to monitor the times that the children are playing with the family pet(s).


Heartworm Prevention

Did you know that April is National Heartworm Awareness Month? It is! Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitos and is prevalent in all 50 states. It takes about 6 months after being bitten by an infected mosquito for a dog to test positive for heartworms. Prevention is easy and MUCH less expensive than treatment.
Our Veterinarians agree that heartworm preventative needs to be given twelve months per year to be as effective as possible. An annual bloodtest to check for the disease is req....

AAHA National Convention 2016

Drs. Violette and Kirk attended the 2016 AAHA Convention in Austin Texas recently. AAHA is the premier association of veterinary hospitals and sets the highest standards of veterinary care. Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital has been a member of this association for many years. The latest information on topics from small animal surgery and medicine, to practical aspects of running a veterinary practice were presented. We are anxious to incorporate some of these ideas as we strive to continually ....

Microchip News

Did you know that one out of three pets will become lost at some point in their lifetime and 90% of those pets will never make it home? A microchip is much more reliable than a collar and tag because there is no chance it will fall off. -Eric Garcia, Veterinary IT & Digital Marketing Consultant
Getting a microchip placed is quick, easy and can be done at our practice during a 10 minute appointment. Please share this post with your friends and help us reduce the rate of loss in homeless ....

Check out our Facebook page!

Did you know we have a Facebook page? Check out what we post! There you will find fun pictures of some of our patients, and educational posts for you to read and share! We have also started a post called Focus Friday, where on Fridays we highlight an employee and their pets!....

Animal Talk by Dr. John Violette, DVM, as it appears in The Granby Drummer, March 2016

Therapeutic Kidney Diets Can Extend Your Cats Life:
Chronic kidney (renal) disease is very common in older cats. The prevalence of renal disease increases with age with almost one-third of cats over 12 years of age having this problem. There is no cure for chronic kidney failure but the gradual loss of function can be slowed with proper management. It is proven that therapeutic renal diets improve quality of life for renal failure patients. Clinical nutrition trials have shown that su....

Marijuana and other Toxins

There are many substances and foods that are toxic for our pets. While several of these we have known about for a long time, some may surprise you. For instance, marijuana is very toxic to pets. The frequency with which pets are being exposed to marijuana has increased in recent years. The most common way that cats and dogs ingest marijuana is in food products containing the drug. The signs of intoxication can occur quickly and last for days. Signs include ataxia (lack of muscle control, i....

Horse Show USEF rules and regulations

While the summer horse show season may seem far away, USEF has some important new rules and regulations, with some taking effect this year. All horses competing in recognized shows must have proof of a flu/rhino vaccine within 6 months. Click below for more information.


Animal Talk by Dr. John Violette, DVM, as it appears in the GRANBY DRUMMER, February 2016

Fat Cat = Unhealthy Cat

The number one nutritional problem in cats is obesity. One study shows that 50 percent of cats examined at veterinary hospitals are overweight if not obese. Many owners are not even aware that their cats are overweight. It is hard to tell with all that fur. The way to know for sure is to place your palms over your cats ribs to feel for a layer of fat. If it is difficult to feel the individual ribs then your cat needs to lose some weight.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Connecticut Humane Society Honors Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital for its support of the statewide Pet Food Pantry

GRANBY – In recognition of its “amazing support” of the Connecticut Humane Society, Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital was recently awarded the society’s Community Service Award for its annual pet-food drive.
Gordon Willard, executive director of the Connecticut Humane Society, presented the recognition to Dr. Anna B. Wolfe, one of the veterinarians at Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital and the organizer of the hospital’s fundraiser that benefits the society’s Pet Food Pantry.

SBVH Welcomes Dr. Caitlin Rothacker!

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Caitlin Rothacker has joined the Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital as a large animal veterinarian. She comes to us from the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center Large Animal Hospital. Dr. Rothacker spent four years there after graduating from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. During her residency at New Bolton, she became board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Equine Practice. He....

Dr. Groshek Gets ABVP Recertification

Dr. Groshek, has successfully recertified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) specializing in canine and feline practice.

ABVP requires Diplomates to recertify every ten years. This process demonstrates that Diplomates have kept up with changes and advancements in veterinary practice. ABVP is unique among veterinary specialties in that certification expires every ten years. Diplomates must take and pass a challenging examination or accumulate c....

Salmon Brook Achieves High Level of Veterinary Excellence

Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital has achieved the highest level of veterinary excellence following a thorough evaluation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We have earned AAHA accreditation after a rigorous review of our hospital’s practice protocols, medical equipment, facility and client service.

Accredited hospitals are the only hospitals that choose to be evaluated on approximately 900 quality standards that go above and beyond basic state regulations, rang....

Why does my dog eat grass?

Eating grass is a common behavior for dogs that baffles many of their owners. It is not clear why some dogs eat grass. It is suggested grass helps with improving their digestion and meeting some unmet nutritional needs; such as fiber deficiency. It also could be your dog likes the texture or taste of grass. Some researchers believe it has to do with their ancestors and how wolves ate small animals that have plant based diets. So, instinctively dogs graze on grass because thats essentially what t....


Animals do not perspire the way humans do; the only sweat glands that they have are on the pads of their feet. Animals pant to cool themselves and use a temperature regulator called convection to cool their skin. Both panting and convection cool the body by exchanging the warm body temperature for the cooler air outside. If the air surrounding the pet is not considerably cooler than the animals’ body, then the cooling system will not work and heatstroke can then occur.


Powassan Virus found in Ticks in CT

The Powassan Virus has been found in ticks in southern Ct this year but no human or animal cases have been reported. It is a rare disease with only 50 cases reported in people throughout the northeastern and Great Lakes regions on the U. S. in the past 10 years. It can cause severe and occasionally fatal neurologic disease. There is no treatment so prevention is the key. Do all you can to prevent a tick bite. Ticks can transmit this virus very quickly.
1) Avoid ticks by avoidin....

Wellness Examinations

During a routine wellness examination, your veterinarian will ask you questions about your pet’s diet, exercise, thirst, breathing, behavior, habits, elimination patterns (i.e., bowel movements and urination), lifestyle, and general health. Your veterinarian will also perform a physical examination of your pet. Based on your pets history and physical examination, your veterinarian will then make recommendations for specific preventive medicine treatments such as vaccinations, parasite control ....

Cold welcome to 2015!

As this arctic blasts drives temperatures below freezing keep your pets warm and safe. Bitterly cold temperatures are welcomed by our Northern breeds like Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, but many other breeds are looking to stay near the fire. Keep you animals well hydrated and feed regular meals. Encourage activity out doors for short periods and indoor play like food puzzles and obedience practice to ward off cabin fever in your pet.....

Pet Food Drive a Success!!

Thanks to all of you who supported our Pet Food Drive again this year. We exceeded our goal and collected over 7500 pounds of pet food ! Thanks to Dr. Wolfe and our staff who generously volunteered their time to this worthy cause.....

top 4 dental problems in pets

Heres the top five dental problems seen in our pets: 1) Fractured teeth 25% of dogs present with a fractured tooth. Many of these teeth have exposed roots and are painful. 2) Draining tracts form periodontal disease called Parulis and draining tracts that erupt on the face from endodontic infections 3) Tooth resorption occurs in up 50% of cats. These can be very painful and result in the death of the tooth. 4) Stomatitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the gingiva. This is seen pri....

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Laser

For more than 60 years, Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital has been dedicated to giving your pet the very best veterinary care possible. We believe that looking at the patient as a whole is vital and that adding certain therapies to your pet’s treatment plan helps us best maintain its health and wellbeing. That’s why we have added to our services and Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital is proud to now offer animal chiropractic, physical therapy, and laser therapy as compliments to the medical car....

Medical Records Available through Pet Portal

You may have heard that salmonbrookvets.com is now providing your pets medical records online!

In keeping with our commitment to provide excellent patient care, we are excited to introduce a New and User Friendly online service, ePetHealth. This technology offers you 24/7 online access to your pets medical information. This service allows you to view or print the necessary information needed in an emergency, when traveling, boarding or taking classes.

Here are a....

Laser Therapy promotes healing and reduces pain

We are now employing laser technology to stimulate healing of acute injuries, wounds and even chronically painful joints. This non painful, noninvasive technology is used in addition to primary medical treatment, chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture to improve the quality of your pets life and reduce pain. Please call if you have any questions or think your pet could benefit from laser therapy.....

Heartgard Plus and Frontline Plus Promotions

Buy a 12 pack of Heartgard Plus and receive a $12.00 rebate and for the month of April only, you will also get 1 free dose. This is a 25% discount off regular price!

Buy a 3 pack of Frontline Plus and receive 1 free dose. Get 2 free doses when you purchase a 6 pack.

Combine a 12 pack of Heartgard Plus with a 6 pack of Frontline Plus and get a $50 rebate and 1 free dose of Heartgard Plus. If you prefer free product instead of the $50 rebate, you can get 1 free do....

Feline Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease in cats is on the rise in Connecticut. The incidence of heartworm disease in cats ranges from 1% to 2%, similar to the incidence of Feline Leukemia Virus.

As in the dog, heartworm disease is passed by infected mosquitoes. However, in the cat, diagnosis is difficult. Blood tests, ultrasound and radiographs are needed to confirm the diagnosis. Symptoms of heartworm disease may include coughing, asthma like attacks, vomiting, lack of appetite and weight loss. Un....

2014 Northeast Wild Horse Adoption Conference

Dr. Chris Weber will be a participant in the Round Table Discussion Caring for a Wild Horse at the 2014 Northeast Wild Horse Adoption Conference held at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine March 29.
Find out what you need to do to give a second chance to these horses. Everyone is welcome!
link www.tufts.edu/vet/ce/events/20140329.html....

Surviving the Polar Vortex

With temperatures in the single digits and below, take extra care of your pets especially the young and old. Puppies can still go out for short periods of time but find ways to play with them indoors. Keep a leash on older dogs who may tend to wander especially those with hearing loss, to assure that you can get them back indoors promptly. Play in the snow can be tough on joints and ice is difficult to negotiate for dogs with coordination deficits so use caution and clear the snow and ice fr....

Pet Food Drive Tremendous Success!!

Thanks to everyone for making our first annual Pet Food Drive for the Connecticut Humane Societys pet food pantry such an outstanding success. The support from the community was heartwarming. We collected over 5000 lbs of pet food. As the Ct Humane society said we knocked it out of the park! Thanks especially to Dr. Wolfe who organized the entire event! We are proud to be part of such a giving and caring community.....

Fleas Fleas Fleas

Fleas love the fall in northern Connecticut! They are comfortable outdoors until consistent sub freezing weather and indoors all winter long. Look carefully for adult fleas or the small dark specks of flea dirt on your pet’s coat. Animals allergic to the flea bite may scratch intensely, losing fur and creating raw areas. Here are a few suggestions for successful flea control:

  • Use high quality topical pour on treatments every 3-4 weeks on all of your pets for a minimum of 6....

  • Every Month Is Dental Month!!

    Good dental health is a cornerstone of physical well being and long life in our pets. 70-80% of adult dogs and cats suffer from dental disease. The treatment for dental disease is dental cleaning, polishing and in oral exam under anesthesia. We are committed to providing quality, affordable dental care to all of our patients and so we are declaring Every Month Is Dental Month by offering a 15% discount on dental cleanings!!!! Now the same value that we traditionally provided in the months of....

    Beware of rat poison and mole poison!!

    This time of year many people are treating their homes, camps and lawns with a variety of poisons, or rodenticides, to control their rodent populations. Unfortunately they are toxic to our pets and ourselves. These products are flavored to attract pests but end up attracting our pets too! After being eaten, rodenticides work in three main ways:

    1. Prevent blood clotting with warfarin like chemicals
    2. Attack the nervous system with neurotoxins
    3. Cause phosphine ga....


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